Monday, October 4, 2010

Here Comes Google TV (Video) *NBA, HBO, CNN, CNBC, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon Video*


Google TV: TV Meets Web, Web Meets TV

Here Comes Google TV

Google is reminding everyone that Google TV is coming this autumn. Still no definitive date as to when Google TV will be available. Google has now launched a Google TV website, Google TV YouTube channel, and a Google TV Blog (links below).

Google stated, "One of our goals with Google TV is to finally open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers. By bringing Google Chrome and access to the entire Internet, you can easily navigate to thousands of websites to watch your favorite web videos, play Flash games, view photos, read movie reviews or chat with friends - all on the big screen."

(Google) Your smartphone has apps. Now your TV does too. Here's a sneak preview of the apps that will be available on Google TV this fall.

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