Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google CEO Eric Schmidt: Cloud computing will define future computing (Video) *Google Chrome Event*


Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Google Chrome Event on December 7, 2010
"Chrome: Nothing but the Web"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt: "Cloud computing will define future computing"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke at the closing of the Google Chrome Event on December 7, 2010.  "We're really part of a journey of cloud computing", Schmidt began, "Cloud computing will essentially define computing as we all know it" in the future. "I work at Google because Google is one of a handful of companies that can do real computer science at scale. We are able to actually build platforms of the kind of complexity that the simplicity you've seen now can generate. In other words, these complex systems when properly built produce these extraordinarily elegant and simple solutions."

Schmidt goes through a brief history of networks, hardware, the internet, and applications that contributed to arriving at today: cloud computing, the Google Chrome notebook (network computer), Google Chrome browser, and web applications powerful enough to be practical and a solution. He states, "We've gone from a point where we had reliable disks and unreliable networks to a world of reliable networks and the absence of a disk, we don't care about the disks."

Certain developments, platforms, have enabled today's cloud computing. First is the adoption of HTML5. "It is now finally possible to build the powerful apps you take for granted on a PC or Macintosh with the graphics, etc. on top of a browser platform. Every vendor in the industry, Google and all our competitors, has announced an HTML5 strategy. Second, with Chrome OS, we have the development of a viable third choice in real operating systems in the desktop. There just has not been an alternative that took advantage of cloud computing and now we finally have a product that is strong enough, technical enough, scalable enough, and fast enough that you can build actual, powerful platforms on it. It's (Chrome OS) is different, it's not the same, and it's different in ways that matter if you believe in cloud computing."

Schmidt concluded, "Think of this as a journey. Think of this as something we've been talking about for a very, very long time. Now (cloud computing and related Google products) it does in fact work. Why do I think this strategy is going to work well? A lot because of mobile computing. They (cloud and mobile apps) work and they work at scale."

Sundar Pichai, Google Vice President of Product Management, then summarized the Google Chrome Event.
* Chrome Browser User base has grown 300% this year, 120 million active users by conservative count, many new features coming up focused on speed, with Chrome Instant
*  Chrome Web Store Open and ready to use today.
* Chrome OS Pilot program for notebook with Chrome OS

(Google) "Chrome Event 12/7/10 (4 of 4) Video Footage from the Chrome event on 12/07/10 : Eric's Speech & Sundar's Closing.

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