Sunday, December 12, 2010

Samsung Nexus S Smartphone Launched (Videos) *Features Google Android Gingerbread OS*


Samsung Nexus S featuring Google Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" OS

Samsung Nexus S Smartphone Launched featuring Google Android "Gingerbread" OS

Samsung and Google unveiled and launched the Nexus S smartphone with the latest Android OS aka "Gingerbread" on December 6. This is the latest and greatest smartphone Google has collaborated on, this time with Samsung. The Nexus S has the newest, enhanced version of the Android OS, which will become open source for other carriers, developers, and manufacturers.

In the first video below the Google Android team discusses the Gingerbread OS and the collaboration with Samsung. Gingerbread has the latest Android innovations and is "wicked fast". The Nexus S with Android Gingerbread is "fast, sleek, and open". Gingerbread provides a smartphone experience that is "clean, pure, and polished". Because Gingerbread is open source, other OEMs will have access to include in their smartphones.

In the second video below, CNET TV provides a hands-on review of the Samsung Nexus S smartphone. Yes, the Nexus S is fast and unlocked but T-Mobile is the sole carrier initially. Overall, CNET likes the phone but found limitations on some features and even lacking other features. Presumably other OEMs will provide these features and improve the Samsung version. Since the Android Gingerbread OS is open source, there will eventually be a multitude of versions available by Samsung and other OEMs.

(Google) "Nexus S: The Backstory" The Android team talks about Nexus S.

(CNET TV) "First Look: Samsung Nexus S (T-Mobile)" The good: The Samsung Nexus S has a sleek design with a brilliant display. It offers a number of usability improvements from the Gingerbread OS, and its straight Google experience will appeal to Android purists. It's a good performer, too. The bad: The Samsung Nexus S feels rather fragile, and it lacks a memory card slot, HSPA+ support, and LED notifications. Also, we were hoping for more new features over the Nexus One. The bottom line: The Samsung Nexus S gets points for its slick design, satisfying performance, and authentic Android user interface. But outside of the new Gingerbread OS and a faster processor, it doesn't offer as many new features as we had hoped. (4 out of 5 stars)

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