Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Opens eBooks Store (Videos) "Reading in the digital cloud"


"Google eBooks is all about choice, so you can use just about any device you own to read any book, anywhere."

Google Opens eBooks Store: "Reading in the Digital Cloud"

Google has expanded into digital book ecommerce and now will compete directly with Amazon. Google as digital book merchant starts with 4,000 publishers and 3,000,000 titles.

The Google Books Library Project is a potential source of additional titles, as Google has been scanning books for several years. Google stated on October 14, 2010, "To date, working with library and publisher partners around the world, we have scanned more than 15 million books from more than 100 countries in over 400 languages as part of the Google Books project we started in 2004." Google estimated on August 5, 2010 there were about 130 million books in the world. However, legal issues continue to hamper the Google Books Library Project. Google notes, "So why has such a universally useful tool become so controversial? Because some in the publishing community question whether any third party should be able to copy and index copyrighted works so that users can search through them, even if all a user sees is the bibliographic information and a few snippets of text, and even if the result is to make those books widely discoverable online and help the authors and publishers sell more of them." Google has, and will have, many more titles digitized that could be added to the internet book store, Google eBooks.

(Google) "Introducing Google eBooks" - It's time to set your reading free. Google eBooks is all about choice, so you can use any device you own to read any book, anywhere.

(Associated Press) "Google Opens E-book Store in Challenge to Amazon" - Google is making the leap from digital librarian to merchant. EBooks, Google's long-awaited Internet book store is now operational. (Dec. 6).

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