Thursday, December 23, 2010

Google Chrome OS: First Take (Video) *Cloud computing notebook Cr-48*


Google Chrome OS Notebooks to be Launched in Mid-2011

Google Chrome OS: First Take

The pilot notebook for Google Chrome OS, the  Cr-48 Chrome notebook, was shipped to participants very quickly after the Google Chrome Event on December 7. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal gives his first impressions of the Cr-48 Chrome notebook in the video below. The most notable is that the Google Chrome concept is cloud computing and the Google Chrome notebook is basically a large Chrome browser, a cloud computer. Nothing is stored on the notebook except the Chrome OS to connect you to the Internet, the Chrome browser, and minimal software to run the bare bones hardware. All software applications are online, web applications, and that's where the work is done. As Mossberg notes, Google is attempting a paradigm shift - away from desktop-based applications to online applications, to cloud computing. This approach makes the Google Chrome notebook exceptionally fast. Google has stated they are emphasizing speed [Google CEO Eric Schmidt: Cloud computing will define future computing] and that Chrome Instant initiatives for even more speed are coming.

Google Chrome OS challenges both the Microsoft Windows OS and the Apple MacOS, which are desktop-based, not web-based. However, both Microsoft and Apple are also embracing cloud computing. Apple has announced an online Mac App Store to open January 6, 2011 [Apple to Open Mac App Store in January] and Microsoft has Office Web Apps. Google announced and opened the Chrome Web Store at the Google Chrome Event on December 7 [Google Launches Chrome Web Store] which is a preparatory step for the launch of Google Chrome notebooks in mid-2011, initially manufactured by Acer and Samsung.

WSJ "Mossberg: Early Impressions of Google Chrome OS" Google's new Chrome OS aims to do everything online, turning the entire PC into a giant browser. There are advantages, Walt Mossberg says, as well as disadvantages. For example, a Chrome OS computer can't do much when it's not connected to the Internet.

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